At Paperbark Technologies we specialise in custom built tree inventories on large or small scale to meet your needs. We audit street and park trees for most Local Governments in Perth using a range of attributes to assist you to manage your trees proactively instead of reactively. We use rugged Tough pad’s & Trimble devices to accurately survey each tree using GIS. We use a combination of MapInfo/QGIS software which has the ability to integrate into IntraMaps, provide Shapefiles, AutoCAD and various other formats for Local Government, Landscape Architects and Developers.

We are here to help you manage and maintain your trees for the future whilst reducing the risk and liability issues in relation to trees.

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Arboricultural Reports

We provide detailed Arboricultural Reports on individual trees or large scale tree survey projects which are easy to read and provide expert advice and recommendations. Our reports cover all aspects of the tree from soil, roots, trunk, canopy structure and health.
We carry out Arboricultural reports for:

  • Health, Structural condition and level of risk
  • Trees in schools & play groups
  • Neighbouring tree issues
  • Significant sized trees
  • Trees within development sites & tree protection reports (TPZ & SRZ)
  • Vegetation Control Agreements (VCA) For trees overhanging power lines
  • Helliwell Valuations

Our Reports are carried out by AQF Level 5 Diploma Arboricultural Consultants to a high level of information and accuracy. We have extensive experience in writing detailed reports to ensure trees are managed with low risk for the future.

Arboricultural Reports

Quantified Tree Risk Management (QTRA)

Paperbark Technologies have been carrying out QTRA Risk Assessments for 16 years. We have extensive experience using the QTRA system and can confidently provide expert advice and recommendations in relation to the risk of significant harm from tree failure.

Citation from QTRA – Using QTRA, the land-use (Target) upon which trees could fail is assessed first. By valuing the Target first, the tree owner and the risk assessor are able to determine whether or not, and to what degree of rigor, a survey or inspection of the trees is required. Where necessary, the tree is then evaluated in terms of its size and probability of failure. Ranges of value for Target, Size, and Probability of Failure are entered into a QTRA calculator which generates a traffic light colour-coded risk of harm. The tree owner can then compare the risk to advisory levels for risk tolerance.

By taking a QTRA approach, tree owners commonly find they spend substantially less resources on assessing and managing tree risk than they did previously, whilst maximising the many benefits their trees provide. Moreover, in the event of a ‘tolerable’ or ‘acceptable’ risk being realised, are in a position to demonstrate the risk has been managed reasonably and proportionately.

For more information about QTRA please contact us or click here to visit their website.

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